XJTV Xinjiang Kazakh News Cha 新疆电信 Line

Xinjiang Kazakh News Channel brief introduction

XinjiangKazakhlanguagetelevisionnewschannel XinjiangTelevision XJTV Xinjiang 1970 http://www.xjtvs.com.cn/ Xinjiang Kazakh News ChannelDetails
Xinjiang Television Kazakh TV channel integrated Xinjiang Kazakh News Channel (XJTV-3 سۈنئىي ھەمراھ تېلېۋىزىيىسى, شىنجاڭ تەنتەربىيىسى پروگراممىسىقانال قانال is a news-based, integrated channels, is a service in Xinjiang and the neighboring countries understand Kazakh comprehensive news many viewers language channel on the satellite channel, the channel CCTV is compiled and Xinjiang and Taiwan news column shows led to running the social education class, variety type of support columns for the News channel.         Xinjiang Television on October 1, 1970 launch, is the first television media Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur

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