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Xinjiang TV brief introduction

XinjiangTVsatellitechannel XinjiangTelevision XJTV Xinjiang 1986 http://www.xjtvs.com.cn/ Xinjiang TVDetails
Chinese Xinjiang TV satellite channel xjtv-1 سۈنئىي ھەمراھ تېلېۋىزىيىسى, شىنجاڭ تەنتەربىيىسى پروگراممىسى launched on October 1, 1970. July 1, 1986, Xinjiang Uygur language television stations, the official Chinese language programming on the satellite transmission, became the first provincial-level TV stations on the satellite broadcast. August 1, 1993, to achieve a Uighur, Chinese, Kazakh trilingual program aired on the satellite time each day and 16 hours, covering a population of 7.5 million. Xinjiang TV main sections are "social Keys'" New Silk Road discovered "" Farming New World "and so on.