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Liaoning Sports Channel brief introduction

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Liaoning Television sports channel LNTV-4 is approved by the State Administration of Radio, in at 0:01 on March 2013 changed its name to the whole transport channel. Liaoning Sports Channel program consists of live news, live events, the whole transport sector, sports columns and five major components live video, 24 hours of broadcast.         Liaoning Television Established December 18, 2009, is the former Liaoning People's Broadcasting Station, Liaoning TV and Liaoning Educational Television merger and reorganization of a set of radio and television media in an integrated unit, currently a total of 10 sets of province the analog television (HD realized wherein Liaoning TV broadcast), broadcasting signals 9, 18 sets of digital video-on-demand television program province, 10 sets of digital music programs and sets of 5 to