LNTV Anshan News Channel 鞍山广电 Line

Anshan News Channel brief introduction

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Anshan TV news channel ASTV-1 is Anshan Anshan local television is the most professional TV media, Anshan News Channel main sections are comprehensive news Anshan, Anshan Juxingtianxia, ​​television Anshan new wealth, Anshan Iron Chef television mouth, Anshan first live television.   Anshan television station was established in October 1959, in 1994, he began to broadcast the second program Anshan cable stations. In January 1997, the cable television station began airing Anshan third set of programs, in 2002, approved by the Anshan Municipal Radio and TV, the original basis for the next Anshan cable television, the station was renamed Anshan television, which, Anshan TV news channel ( Anshan original cable television set), use the channel 9 broadcast, cable broadcast signal dual