LNTV Liaoning Original Sound 大连广电 Line

Liaoning Original Sound Movie Channel brief introduction

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Liaoning action micro movie channels vmovier is the largest short film sharing platform, bringing together excellent video clips and micro filmmakers, real-time continue to share the world's best video clips, micro film, to provide film behind the scenes Secret, under the country held the line around video clips and micro-film screenings exchanges.   Liaoning Television Established December 18, 2009, is the former Liaoning People's Broadcasting Station, Liaoning TV and Liaoning Educational Television merger and reorganization of a set of radio and television media in an integrated unit, currently a total of 10 sets of province the analog television (HD realized wherein Liaoning TV broadcast), broadcasting signals 9, 18 sets of digital video-on-demand television program province, 10 sets of digital music programs and sets of 5 to