JSTV Jiangsu Learning Channel 快高清西安移动 Line

Jiangsu Learning Channel brief introduction

JiangsuTVLearningChannel JiangsuTV JSTV Jiangsu Pr 2001 http://www.jetv.net/ Jiangsu Learning ChannelDetails
Jiangsu TV Learning Channel JSTV-8 was originally Jiangsu recruitment channels to broadcast information programs to recruit mainly in Jiangsu Learning Channel in accordance with the propagation of all media, multi-platform, suitable for multi-channel, multi-platform release of the need to meet the audience content fragmentation appreciation demand, fully integrated into the new media, interactive experience, real-time, community-based communication and other features.         Jiangsu network television by JSBC (Group) trying to build a professional network communications platform, as the official website of Broadcasting and TV Station of Jiangsu Province, won the Jiangsu City Channel, Jiangsu Arts Channel, Jiangsu TV channel, Jiangsu sports channel, Jiangsu children's channel, Jiangsu international channel, Jiangsu public channel, 11 channels and 4 for digital pay channel nationwide, namely Jiangsu dressed up channels, river