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Jiangsu leisure sports channel brief introduction

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Jiangsu casual sports channel JSTV-6 was born in May 2004, it is the only professional sports channels in Jiangsu Province. Since its launch, the total radio and television station Channel Jiangsu-based, high-speed growth, the current overall strength has been among the dozens of four former provincial sports channels, the industry as & ldquo; China's fastest growing sports channel. Jiangsu leisure sports channel on events, news, recreational resources to optimize the integration, in order to achieve optimal configuration, so that the event more attractive, more penetrating news, leisure and gather broad influence  Jiangsu network television by JSBC (Group) trying to build a professional network communications platform, as the official website of Broadcasting and TV Station of Jiangsu Province, won the Jiangsu City Channel, Jiangsu Arts Channel, Jiangsu TV channels, river