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Jiangsu excellent Man cartoon brief introduction

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formerly Jiangsu excellent Man cartoon TV JSTV-13's Jiangsu Children's Channel, in 2004, launched October 1, July 1, 2010 changed its name to the excellent Man cartoon TV satellite broadcast. Excellent Man cartoon TV is one of the five stars on the animated TV aired the largest number of professional animation program TV channels in Jiangsu Province, also the first satellite broadcast on provincial children's channel. preferably diffusely cartoon TV broadcast 18 hours a day, an amount to broadcast animation broadcast proportion of 90% or more, which accounted for domestic animation movie broadcast over 90% of the amount. By the end of 2013, excellent Man cartoon TV has been successful in 23 provinces, more than 190 cities fall, including Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Jinan and other 11 provinces