JSTV Jiangsu City Channel 中超清江苏移动 Line

Jiangsu City Channel brief introduction

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Jiangsu TV City Channel JSTV-2 was established in 2000, which is a change from the second program from Jiangsu TV channel. Jiangsu City Channel news for the people's livelihood banner, broadcast "Nanjing Zero", "day by day video sink", "rule of law Assembly", "hot week", "moral world" and "lighted" and other columns, including " Nanjing Zero, "the ratings have been ranked top in Nanjing television news programs.  Jiangsu network television by JSBC (Group) trying to build a professional network communications platform, as the official website of Broadcasting and TV Station of Jiangsu Province, won the Jiangsu City Channel, Jiangsu Arts Channel, Jiangsu TV channel, Jiangsu sports channel, Jiangsu children's channel, Jiangsu international channel, Jiangsu public channel