HBTV Wuhan Science and Techno 武汉广电标清 Line

Wuhan Science and Technology lifestyle channel brief introduction

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Wuhan three sets of Wuhan Science and Technology Life Channel WHTV-3 close to city life, reflecting the needs of the public, leading fashion, highlighting regional characteristics & rdquo; is the purpose of the channel, & ldquo; avant-garde, trendy, dynamic, vibrant & rdquo; is the channel features. Run interactive, entertaining puzzle entertainment, has offered new lifestyle service program, together with TV viewers to create fashion, leading the trend, and enjoy life.         Wuhan network TV (Huang TV) Baiyun Huang, an infinite horizon. Wuhan Network Television (Huang TV) is relying on the Wuhan Bureau of Broadcast Television (total units) thick, radio, television, newspapers and other media resources, full and strong editorial team, networks have been established on the basis of Wuhan wide network on