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Hubei Economic Channel brief introduction

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Hubei Radio and Television TV Economic Channel (formerly Hubei Economic TV, referred to Hubei Economic TV), formally established in December 1, 1988. Is the first provincial-level TV stations economy, the provincial television organizations have independent legal personality. Hubei Economic TV always adhere to realistic themes, people perspective, Hubei Features & rdquo; program orientation, Yang advantage of the local culture, with the purpose of serving the people.         Hubei TV channels via HBTV-2 columns are caught yo I Am Legend Xizi to music A star began to speak Economic TV broadcast peach blossoming open through the day, as the pot of fresh Kua was happy to send the rule of law depends on the forefront by the confluence and so, as the night.         Hubei TV on December 1, 1960 launch, is China's oldest