HBTV Yichang integrated chann Line

Yichang integrated channels brief introduction

ThreeGorgescomprehensivetelevisionchannel YichangTelevision HBTV Hubei Prov 2013 http://www.3xgd.com/ Yichang integrated channelsDetails
Yichang Three Gorges comprehensive television channel YCTV-1 to focus society, people's livelihood for the purpose of reporting, emphasizing the full range of open and participatory, to achieve zero distance communication effect, to ensure the civilian nature, close and service in close to the people. Three Gorges news channel is rigorous and credible image Yichang other channels can not match.         Three Gorges comprehensive channel lineup, live Yichang, home theater, health talks, the replay of the Three Gorges night, urban homes, Dream Theater, net world, the Three Gorges tourism weather, news Yichang, Yichang county weather, glowing pearl theater.         Yichang Three Gorges television stations full name, was built. Yichang television so far has Yichang Three Gorges comprehensive television channel in 1988, Yichang electricity