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Tongling News Channel brief introduction

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Tongling News Channel TLBTS-1, one of the mainstream media Tongling City, the main news section of Tongling, Tongling weather forecast.   Tongling TV station was founded in 1984, it is a public institution. At present three sets of running the program: a set for the news channel, two sets of channels for the service life, three to Tongling TV station location Entertainment Television channel, broadcast on time up to 54 hours. Coverage surrounding ten counties, covering a population of more than 10 million. Tongling TV station equipped with 10 departments, employees 140 people, including senior, intermediate grade officers more than 80 people. In recent years, Tongling TV station to firmly establish & ldquo; news stand Taiwan, Taiwan brand pretty, rich business units, strong management station & rdquo; work ethic, work in 17 cities in Anhui