AHTV Ma'anshan public channel 马鞍山电信标清 Line

Ma'anshan public channel brief introduction

Ma'anshanpublictelevisionchannel Ma'anshanTV AHTV Anhui Prov 2013 http://www.massp.cn/ Ma'anshan public channelDetails
Ma'anshan Ma'anshan three public television channel mastv-3 seeks to highlight the perspective of the people, and strive to show more social Poetry City Vientiane vicissitudes of life. Adjustment Act and the public comes by News Channel (19:30 broadcast) will continue to adhere to the case statement, saying the story, carried out publicity. 1818 new livelihood news columns Aspect (Monday to Saturday 18:18 broadcast) calls attention to the public, efforts to build a bridge link between the government and the masses. & Nbsp;         Ma'anshan main public channel programs are: 1818 New Aspect, law and public consumption wizard, Interview with Yang Lan, Chinese geography adventure, community and other people