AHTV Maanshan News Channel 马鞍山电信标清 Line

Maanshan News Channel brief introduction

Ma'anshanTVnewschannel Ma'anshanTV AHTV Anhui Prov 2017 http://www.massp.cn/ Maanshan News ChannelDetails
Ma'anshan Ma'anshan a news channel mastv-1 main programs have Ma'anshan News Network, Osmanthus Garden, into the mountain rain, urban window, Bowang line, life of the party, the evening news, Ma On Shan on the tongue, into the Development Zone, livable, attractive Xiushan, stars of the future, today Huashan, traffic with your peers, into Zheng Pu Hong Kong and other         News Channel to the restructuring as an opportunity to implement channel director of the system, the Column Producer System, efforts to expand the capacity of news programs. 18:30 nightly broadcast "Anhui News Network", "Ma'anshan Network News" broadcast time to adjust to 19:40, 22:00 and rebroadcast the next day at 7:00, while the newly opened some more people living close to the News class section, "Ma On Shan real estate report