macaotv Canal Macau tdm2 快标清香港双线 Line

Canal Macau tdm2 brief introduction

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Canal Macau Macau & nbsp;         Macao high-definition television broadcast stations (referred to as Aoshi TV; Portuguese: TDM HD), Macao Radio and Television Corporation's high-definition channel, began broadcasting in 2008 July 15, most of this channel program and Aoshi Aoshi Macao and Taiwan and Sports for synchronous playback; then will gradually become a new independent channel. The initial launch, its playback quality is very poor, which means that more people show poor quality in playback VCD. And after May 2010, have improved their quality. Aoshi Macao and Taiwan and Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau synchronization information (Monday to Saturday 06: 30-07: 00) Morning News (Mon-Sat 07: 00-08: 00) Macau early