macaotv Aoshi Macao and Taiwan 快标清香港双线 Line

Aoshi Macao and Taiwan brief introduction

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"Aoshi Macao" as the public is most familiar to television channels around the clock integrated to the main local news and information programs, including news archive Aoshi, Macau morning, the Macao Forum, wind, fire stations, and other financial magazines; at the same time more other local programs and cultural, including Macau Macau people do opt for food through the street. But will live Legislative Council elections, government policy address and other local events, and the Macau Grand Prix and other local sporting events. In addition, the channel program to cover more children, education, tourism, leisure, entertainment and other areas; as well as foreign films and drama series and so on.         Macao high-definition television broadcast stations (referred to as Aoshi TV; Portuguese: TDM HD), Macao Radio and Television Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of HD channels, open in 2008 July 15