XJTV Xinjiang Film Channel 快高清乌鲁木齐移动 Line

Xinjiang Film Channel brief introduction

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Xinjiang Film Channel XJTV-6 former Xinjiang women and children, channel سۈنئىي ھەمراھ تېلېۋىزىيىسى, شىنجاڭ تەنتەربىيىسى پروگراممىسىقانال; قانال dissemination of film culture, the popularity of movie knowledge, provide professional advice television channels, shouldering broadcast 24 hours a day a propaganda mission, annual safety broadcast 8741 hours.         Xinjiang Television on October 1, 1970 launch, is the first television media Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is the major news media, is a large-scale, broadcast languages, most mainland Chinese provincial television channel .