XJTV Urumqi News Channel 新疆电信 Line

Urumqi News Channel brief introduction

Urumqitelevisionnewschannel UrumqiTelevision XJTV Xinjiang 2013 http://www.hongshannet.cn/ Urumqi News ChannelDetails
Urumqi news channel in chinese is a Chinese news channel UTV-1 can only be seen taped from the Internet, no TV. Urumqi television There UTV-1 (Chinese language news channel) since the beginning of 1985, Urumqi television station founded, after 17 years. It has become the capital of the television media brand column. News Channel Urumqi Urumqi main sections are News, have something to say, most news site, to the health, Alba, Sunshine Tour, Live Flesh Every day, health came, big and small, the capital of the first real estate, Urumqi weather forecast.

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