XJTV Urumqi Travel Channel 天山云 Line

Urumqi Travel Channel brief introduction

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Urumqi Urumqi five sets of TV travel channel UTV-5 Urumqi original sports and entertainment channel, Travel Channel slogan is: Man, viewing, happy product. In the United States which, fun.         Urumqi Travel Channel main sections are frolic in the world, the capital of the first real estate, exploration, Live Flesh every day, sunshine tour, Hongshan theater, approached and so on.         Urumqi Television (UTV) is a local television station in Urumqi, Xinjiang, was founded in April 1985, the same year in September 28 trial launch. There are television Urumqi Urumqi Chinese television news channel UTV-1, Urumqi Uighur television news channel UTV-2, Urumqi TV Television Channel UTV-3