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Shenzhen Satellite TV brief introduction

ShenzhenSatelliteTVChannel ShenzhenTV SZTV Shenzhen 2004 Shenzhen Satellite TVDetails
Shenzhen Satellite TV 1st live on May 28, 2004 formally launched, directly under the Shenzhen Media Group Shenzhen Satellite TV to news comprehensive program, the main program there's Show, Golden Theater, big birthday, big family entertainment, decryption, live among military, rice did the show - wish, you know, rice did the show - baby rely on big stars, live Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and so on. Shenzhen Media Group at June 28, 2004 was formally established. Group assets and business as a link, Shenzhen TV, Shenzhen Radio, Film Studio in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Municipal Radio and Television Transmission Center and other organizations for the integration from the main body.