SXTV Jincheng public channel 晋城广电 Line

Jincheng public channel brief introduction

Jinchengpublictelevisionchannel JinchengTV SXTV Shanxi Pro 2014 Jincheng public channelDetails
Jincheng Jincheng Television sets public channel JCTV-2 original Jincheng Jincheng economic legal channels, public channels Jincheng Jincheng main sections are public channel promos, Jincheng weather information, financial Jincheng, Jincheng happiness, Chinese legal system, I like to watch movies .   Jincheng television station established in 1989, currently Jincheng Jincheng television station Channel News Channel -1, -2 channels of public television channels Jincheng, Jincheng graphic information channel, Jincheng Guide Jincheng channel and four channel integrated broadcast news (FM107 .2), Jincheng traffic radio (FM93.5), Jincheng rural arts broadcasting (FM106.3) and other three FM radio.