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Datong Public channel brief introduction

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Datong two sets of Public channel old name is cultural television channel DTTV-2 with the theme of social education and cultural programs, adhere to the principles and purpose of three of the colorful, open the "nostalgic theater", "motion tracking proposal", "Datong Political Science and Law," " 12345 online "," honest point of view "," people magazine "," China Datong "and" talking-shop "," Fortune Datong "," 39 degrees north latitude and a half "and other columns. Datong station in late 1983, started May 1, 1984 trial broadcast, the same year October 1 the official broadcast. Datong Radio and Television currently has three television channels offered a Datong Datong news channel, two sets of cultural television channel Datong, Datong three life service channels and 4 radio programs broadcast comprehensive Datong, Datong Traffic Radio, Datong music broadcasting,