SXTV Shanxi Science Channel 山西广电2 Line

Shanxi Science Channel brief introduction

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Shanxi TV Science Channel SXTV-5 was established in 2005, locating people's livelihood · · emotional service. Shanxi Science Channel, a main column "City 110", "Citizen and Law", "Guo errands", "emotional theater" and so on. Shanxi Television satellite channel launched in 2004, November 1, currently run 11 sets of TV channels Shanxi TV, Yellow River TV Station, Shanxi Economic Channel, Shanxi TV channels, Shanxi Science Channel, Shanxi public frequency, Shanxi Children's Channel, China Yellow River Television, elderly Fu (pay) channels, Lottery online (paid) channels, Shanxi eye color channels and 8 sets of radio frequency integrated Shanxi broadcast (AM819), Shanxi integrated broadcast (FM90.4), Shanxi economic broadcasting (FM95.8), Shanxi health voice (FM