SXSTV Weinan traffic news broa 音乐广播FM101.3 Line

Weinan traffic news broadcast music brief introduction

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Weinan Weinan radio and television news broadcasts have FM radio FM102.6, Weinan Traffic Radio FM90.9, Weinan music broadcast FM101.3 other three sets of radio.         Weinan TV station in September 1988 by the former State Radio and Television Department approval, in 1989, started in January 1990 formally launched in early 2001, with the original Weinan Weinan TV cable stations merged into a new entity of media - television Weinan . It is currently the only company in eastern Shaanxi and municipal TV media publicity Guanzhong.         Weinan five existing TV channels in Taiwan: Weinan news channel, Channel Huashan Weinan, Weinan City Channel, Public Channel and Weinan Weinan happy shopping channel.