SXSTV Shaanxi Agriculture and 西安广电 Line

Shaanxi Agriculture and Forestry TV brief introduction

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Shaanxi Agriculture and Forestry TV sxtv-9 former Shaanxi TV & F Channel, Agriculture, Forestry TV began broadcasting in 2008, March 31, January 1, 2010 changed its name to agriculture, forestry, Satellite TV, was approved by the State Administration of Radio approval, hosted by the Shaanxi TV the second set of satellite television programs, is the only of Agricultural Science channel. Agriculture, Forestry TV with agriculture as the fundamental purpose, to focus on rural areas, agriculture care, care for farmers, rural workers care as the main task.         A & F Shaanxi TV brand programs with more than 10 stalls, including: Three columns of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology Promotion, respectively, "every day, agricultural high", "Science and Technology Caravan" and "land of sunshine."