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Shaanxi News Channel brief introduction

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Shaanxi TV News Channel (SXTV-1) is the first local channel of Shaanxi Province, by the news, dramas and variety shows composed of three major sections. Shaanxi News Channel main sections are "Shaanxi News Network", "Shaanxi weather forecast", "morning broadcast", "Sunshine broadcast", "broadcast tonight", "Today clicking" "dialect theater", "Golden Theater" "heroes Theater", "voice of Qin", "first News" and so on.         Shaanxi TV was founded in 1997 March 18, August 5, 2011 Shaanxi People's Broadcasting Station and the former Shaanxi TV revocation and inaugurated Shaanxi radio and television. Shaanxi Radio and Television currently available online Shaanxi TV, Shanxi TV forestry, Shaanxi news channel, Shaanxi urban youth