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Shaanxi Sports & Leisure channel brief introduction

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Shaanxi TV Sports Health Channel SXBC-7 wonderful dedication to sports, to create a healthy future for the spiritual path, dedicated the majority of sports fans and television viewers services. Shaanxi Sports Health Channel fought mainly in Indiana, make a round, city cars and other columns.         Shaanxi TV was founded in 1997 March 18, August 5, 2011 Shaanxi People's Broadcasting Station and the former Shaanxi TV revocation and inaugurated Shaanxi radio and television. At present, Shaanxi radio and television channels available online nine Shaanxi TV, Shanxi TV forestry, Shaanxi news channel, Shaanxi urban youth channel, lifestyle channel channel Shaanxi, Shanxi public channels, home shopping channel Shaanxi music, sports and leisure channels in Shaanxi, Shaanxi opera channel, etc. live.