NXTV Yinchuan public channel 银川广电 Line

Yinchuan public channel brief introduction

Yinchuanpublictelevisionchannel Yinchuanradioandtelevision NXTV Ningxia 2013 http://www.ycgbtv.com.cn/ Yinchuan public channelDetails
Yinchuan public television channel NXTV-2 to the main news program, highlighting current affairs, people's livelihood, grasp the guide, Yinchuan public channels broadcast 17 hours a day, mainly running the column of "Yinchuan News Network", "live Yinchuan" "News Watch", "this week" and so on.         Yinchuan Television officially launched on September 23, 1998, Yinchuan television station Channel 18, broadcast more than 16 hours a day. Currently Yinchuan Yinchuan radio and television have broadcast public television channel, broadcast TV channel Yinchuan, Yinchuan and other radio and television network Channel 4 News Yinchuan City Channel and comprehensive broadcasting (AM801), Yinchuan car live broadcast (FM90.5), Yinchuan music broadcast traffic (FM100.6), Yinchuan