NXTV Ningxia Children's Chann 快标清宁夏广电 Line

Ningxia Children's Channel brief introduction

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Ningxia TV channel NXTV-5 children healthy and happy, Sunshine Boys, Ningxia Ningxia Children's Channel original television Swallow column after 20 years to build, Ningxia Children's Channel is Ningxia Television began in late April 2006 the formation of the new channel, October 28, 2006 began the pilot, after 10 months of the pilot, the children's channel on August 26, 2007 formally launched. Every day from 11:30 start, 22:00 end, aired 10 half-hour programs every day.         Currently, Ningxia TV Station from the official website has been unable to watch live, this site provides the official website video collection, like a friend can go to the Children's Channel Ningxia Ningxia TV children's channel official website to watch.