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Jiangxi city channel brief introduction

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Jiangxi Jiangxi two sets of broadcast TV City Channel JXTV-2 main services the general public audience. Jiangxi city channel main sections are "City 60 Minutes", "Who is the winner," "Night 800", "e morning newspaper", "urban scene", "urban theater", "stand up" and so on.         Jiangxi Radio and Television merger by the Jiangxi People's Broadcasting Station, Jiangxi TV set up, in 2012, June 7 formally, Taiwan offers nine administrative departments, 16 business units, nine TV channels, 7 radio frequencies They are as follows Jiangxi Jiangxi TV broadcast ▪ ▪ Jiangxi city channel broadcast TV channel economic life ▪ Jiangxi radio and television broadcasters, Jiangxi Television Channel ▪ public