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Jiangxi Children's Channel brief introduction

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six sets of Jiangxi Jiangxi TV broadcast TV Children Family Channel JXTV-6 on November 28, 2005 launch. Jiangxi Children's Family Channel spirit of close family, Focus aired the idea of ​​trying to specific programming to a specific period of time, service-specific audience. To & ldquo; six sets of colorful, dynamic channel & rdquo; & ldquo create colorful as the core concept; dynamic & rdquo; sense channels, the children's and sports channels as strong wings, stark channel characteristics. We will soon launch a new upgrade or running the column "the Jiangxi small Reporter", "happy bubble", "Happy campus" and so on.         Jiangxi Radio and Television merger by the Jiangxi People's Broadcasting Station, Jiangxi TV set up, in 2012