JXTV Shangrao public channel 上饶广电 Line

Shangrao public channel brief introduction

Shangraopublictelevisionchannel ShangraoTV JXTV Jiangxi 1989 http://0793.tv/ Shangrao public channelDetails
two sets of Shangrao Shangrao Tourism TV Channel SRTV-2 primary economic Shangrao public channels, more programs Raofeng Fu's main tourist attractions, tourism Raiders Shangrao, Shangrao travel agencies, tourist routes Shangrao, Shangrao hotel reservations, travel maps Shangrao Travel Guide and travel services. For the latest and most comprehensive Shangrao travel information. Shangrao tourism economy Channel main sections are "political popularity of wind Hotline", "say something", "music boundless", "theater people" and with the audience interactive programs Shangrao television stations to build in 1987, was formally established by the former Ministry of Radio approved January 31, 1989, there are currently Shangrao Shangrao comprehensive television channel (Shangrao set), Shangrao public channels (two sets of Shangrao, Shangrao former tourism economy Channel ), Shangrao Youth entertainment channel </