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Changchun integrated channels brief introduction

Changchuncomprehensivetelevisionchannel ChangchunTV JLTV Jilin Prov 1985 http://www.chinactv.com/ Changchun integrated channelsDetails
Changchun comprehensive television channel CTV-1 is the Changchun TV reflect social values ​​and realize the market value of the main channel. Broadcast 24 hours a day.         Changchun Changchun comprehensive channel broadcast comprehensive television channel opened dozens of self-management programs, including "Changchun News", "City Express", "heart lorry move" and many other fields.         Changchun TV station was established in August 1985, August 1, 1985 launch, the English referred CTV. July 1, 2001 decision of the State Administration of Radio, Television and Changchun Changchun cable television combined into a new Changchun TV. Changchun TV after the integration of the two existing TV channels were re-planning.