JLTV Yanbian TV 上海电信SD Line

Yanbian TV brief introduction

YanbianTVsatellitechannel YanbianTV JLTV Jilin Prov 2006 http://www.iybtv.com/ Yanbian TVDetails
Yanbian TV stations include Yanbian News Channel YBTV-1, Yanbian economic channel YBTV-2. 중국 조선족 의 중심 채널, 연변 텔레비죤 방송국, 연변 TV 방송국, 연변 인터넷 TV 연변 뉴스, 연변 위성, 연변 정보, 연변 조선족, 중국 조선족, Yanbian radio and television, news Yanbian, Yanbian TV Yanbian TV news channel is an integrated regional television stations broadcast the program the only one with North Korea and Chinese languages. Yanbian TV news channel launched "Yanbian news", "news topics," "Hometown Morning", "extend the hand of friendship", "Arirang Theater" and other news, social education, dubbing, film and other seven categories 10