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Jilin home shopping channels have brief introduction

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There are home shopping channel in 2007 approved the establishment of the State Administration of Radio, becoming the first 4 to obtain approval of a national digital home shopping channels. Love, as the media remind you, there is the risk of online shopping, shopping need to be cautious, do not be authoritative TV show host and rich discourse infectious deceived.   Jilin TV was founded in October 1, 1959, one of five television stations as the country's first created. Currently Jilin TV has formed Jilin TV news channel as a leader in Kyrgyzstan, as the city channel, Kyrgyzstan, as the lifestyle channel, Kyrgyzstan, as the television channel, Kyrgyzstan, as the rural channel, Kyrgyzstan, as the public channel, Kyrgyzstan, as the legal channels, Kyrgyzstan, as the movie channel lucky shopping and digital TV channels matching series, specialized channel pattern.  <