CQTV Chongqing color channels 高清重庆联通 Line

Chongqing color channels brief introduction

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Chongqing Chongqing TV eye color television CQTV move is Chongqing Broadcasting Group (total units) launched a new mobile TV channels. Chongqing Mobile Guide Channel main sections are moved, nosy, Xinhua News, the best of luck to see the road conditions. Chongqing Broadcasting Mobile TV limited liability company by the Chongqing Broadcasting Group (total units), Chongqing Radio and Television Technology Center, a joint venture composed of five departments under the Ministry of Finance row, programs, advertising, technical department, operation and maintenance department.         For a wide audience crowd, liquidity and other characteristics, mobile TV take 5-8 minutes to a unit of time, program content including real-time information about all aspects of news, services, entertainment, sports, etc., to achieve the outdoor information dissemination & ldquo; short, flat, fast .