CQTV China Auto Channel 高清重庆联通 Line

China Auto Channel brief introduction

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China Chongqing Auto Channel CQTV-12 is the country's only car show and automotive service market professional channels. Chongqing Auto Channel is a set of industry information, car travel, car knowledge, new release, automobile and motorcycle culture, motorcycle races in one, strive to build China Auto Media carrier, enterprise network of domestic and foreign cars, automobile and motorcycle industry's latest full-spread production , sales, research and development information, multi-angle display automobile and motorcycle businesses, consumers, and modern society Ai Juzu car culture, car culture of life.         "China Auto Channel" January 1, 2004 launch, and on September 1 for the national transport, seven hours a day new programs, broadcasting 24 hours a day, has now settled in 31 provinces, autonomous regions municipalities.