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Videoland Movie Channel brief introduction

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Videoland Movie Channel is the oldest domestic film channel, with nearly movie film library resources, a monthly average of about two hundred and fifty films broadcast covered the box office, the strongest card Division, produced the latest Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India and other countries and contemporary thing as the director of the award-winning masterpieces, all in Videoland movie Channel broadcast a single-chip list.   In particular, Videoland Movie Channel is currently the sole owner of Taiwan-made team of movie channels, has completed nearly 50 HD high-definition digital television movie. In response to the trend of digital trends from 2004 onwards plan of homemade digital television movies, in addition to higher production value and enrich the film library outside, but also for Taiwan cinema movie nurture writers, directors, actors talents. 2011 Videoland Movie Channel and the National Immigration Agency and cooperation Kong Chinese film and television shooting.