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Videoland Drama Channel brief introduction

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July 2001 just established Videoland Drama Desk to drama "All About Eve" to create high ratings in 2002, the same year and to "Hotelier" and Korean costume drama "The Last Empress" sensation broadcast out, Han invited to Taiwan to promote, to Korea to interview .. and so lively show of Korean charm, laid the leading Korean brand. Subsequent launch of the "win Bong Soon the British!", "Last Dance," "Love Story in Harvard" and other dramas record breaking ratings high, jumping Korean crown rating of; In 2008, long-term business drama of Videoland Drama Desk is shine, "the 1st shop of coffee Prince" ratings as high as 3.48 percent, to introduce new types of non-drama "my Husband's woman," "line between love and hate," and also to create ultra-high-topic ratings, in order to add richness, lead South Korea imported hot