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Huaian economic life broadcast brief introduction

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Huaian economic life broadcast     Huai'an audiovisual network in early 2011 by the integration of radio and television Huai'an City, founded by its resources, to create a & ldquo; Huaian first audiovisual portal & rdquo ;. Huai'an audiovisual network relies Huaian broadcasters strong content, technology, human resources background, high starting point, generous, fully interactive development of Huai'an new audio-visual platform, adhering to the & ldquo; full-field, large open & rdquo; media philosophy, based on & ldquo; people's livelihood , interactive, entertainment & rdquo; three themes. Products will cover news, film and television works, interactive entertainment, were broadcast blogger, game animation, in-depth interviews, cutting-edge commentary, financial products, applications and services, sharing community, and fully