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SUQIAN FM88.5         West Chu Chu network seen as the West's network of Western Chu network TV, is the largest and most authoritative online Suqian Suqian online network television         Established in 1996, Suqian television stations, along with the birth of the prefecture-level Suqian city has gone through nearly five years. In early 2007, as the pace of reform and opening to speed up Suqian, Suqian broadcasting career ushered in the rapid development of the spring, Suqian City Radio and Television was formally established. At present, a total of Broadcasting and TV Station employees working more than 200 people, middle and senior technical personnel accounting for more than 40% of all types of video equipment 65 / sets, TV sets of non-linear editing line 3 26 operating platform, running the TV show 8 files every day nearly 240 minutes, the broadcast program 18 hours