mongoliatv Inner Mongolian pastoral 内蒙古双线 Line

Inner Mongolian pastoral Channel brief introduction

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Inner Mongolia TV channel has been farming on March 1, 2016 officially launched, occupied Inner Mongolia Television TV drama channel resources, TV drama channels disappear. Inner Mongolia Farming channel has "xiaoman radio station" "Dr. agriculture", "cultural complex" 3-speed self-management programs.         China Inner Mongolia Television build in April 1960, October 1, 1969 pilot success. Mongolian TV program on October 2, 1976 began airing. Currently Inner Mongolian television stations TV channels, Inner Mongolia, Chinese TV channels, Inner Mongolia News Channel, sports and entertainment channels, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia economic life channel, Inner Mongolia Film and Television Channel, Children's Channel Inner Mongolia and other seven terrestrial channels, to achieve full by over 5000 km fiber optic cable 12 Union City area