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Hangzhou Children's Channel brief introduction

HangzhouTVChildren'sChannel HangzhouTV ZJTV Zhejiang P 2013 http://www.hoolo.tv/ Hangzhou Children's ChannelDetails
Hangzhou TV Children's Channel HZTV-5 main target minors, broadcast excellent animation, film and television drama, educational programs, educational programs, entertainment programs and so on. Hangzhou Children's Channel main sections are about elite, mom to breakfast, lunch sunlight, open class teacher, the influx of children, fifth kitchen. Hangzhou TV station was built in the February 1, 1984, are currently in Hangzhou Hangzhou TV has integrated channels, Hangzhou Hangzhou Pearl Channel Life Channel, Hangzhou Television Channel, Children's Channel Hangzhou, Hangzhou mobile TV, real estate channel in Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Guide Channel record Hangzhou real estate channel, Hangzhou and other mobile channels and 10 channels of sound state (FM89), Hangzhou comprehensive news broadcast (AM954), Hangzhou transportation economic broadcasting (FM91)