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Yuxi public channel brief introduction

Yuxipublictelevisionchannelpublic Yuxiradioandtelevision YNTV Yunnan Pro 2013 http://www.yxtv.cn/ Yuxi public channelDetails
Yuxi Yuxi two sets of public radio and television public channel YXTV-2 to a broad audience of a set of news, service, knowledge, fun, entertainment features as one of the local media. Yuxi mass public channel main sections are "concerned", "Bill Story," "Express Travel", "Pioneer Action", "Economic Weekly," "Entertainment Views" and so on. Zhaotong television station founded in 1991, currently opened news channel Zhaotong, Zhaotong Zhaoyang Channel, Travel Channel and other science Zhaotong three sets of TV shows, running the column 11 files, each set of broadcast time every day for 18 hours.