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Tianjin Film Channel brief introduction

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Tianjin Television Channel TJTV-3 covering a population of more than 1080 million, is the only broadcast television in Tianjin professional channel, Tianjin TV Channel total of six large theater, playing 17 TV sets every day; interpretation of the drama section of a file new perspective, TV highlights of the collection.     television channel focused on creating "8 pm Theater" three episodes a day Lianbo, strong gangster drama, spy war drama quality, reasoning suspense drama, such as the Department of War drama drama drama most men, is a very loyal audience of Tianjin high brand theater. Other theater rich subject matter, enjoy the carnival in good drama TV channel.     "7 am strong visual theater" War drama to force interpretation of "morning family theater" review the warm family drama "12-point white-collar theater" and so on.