SDTV Qingdao leisure informat 青岛广电 Line

Qingdao leisure information channel brief introduction

QingdaoTVLeisureNewsChannel QingdaoTV SDTV Shandong P 2013 Qingdao leisure information channelDetails
Qingdao TV Leisure News Channel original Qingdao TV financial news channel QDTV-4, Qingdao leisure information channel to heart at ease happy with the behavior of the slogan, hired new channel image of the logo, to attract the most fashionable color, shape, and the overall style of dynamic, atmosphere. Channel focusing on people's livelihood news spread, cultural and sports programs, lifestyle information, bring more visitors to the island city of audio-visual enjoyment.         Qingdao TV was founded in September 1971, it is one of the earliest Chinese cities TPR television. There Qingdao Qingdao TV news channel QTV-1, Qingdao life service channel QTV-2, Qingdao TV channel QTV-3, Qingdao leisure information channel QTV-4, Qingdao city channel QTV-5, Qingdao Youth Travel Channel QT