SDTV Yantai Television Channe 烟台广电 Line

Yantai Television Channel brief introduction

YantaiTVTelevisionChannel YantaiTVstation SDTV Shandong P 2013 Yantai Television ChannelDetails
Yantai TV Television Channel YTTV-3-based film and television entertainment programs, technology programs, supplemented by economic class, Yantai Television Channel main sections are fitness Followme, natural wonders, into the countryside, new female theater every day, Happy Story, we learn English, consumer front, the love between mountain and sea, talk about stocks on the market, a full range of technology and so on.         Yantai TV station was established in July 1, 1984, Yantai is Yantai national television station TVB, has Yantai to do TV news channel, Yantai public television channel, Yantai Television TV channel, Yantai TV channel and four channels Yantai newscasts (FM101), Yantai economic broadcasting (FM105.9), Yantai traffic radio (FM103), smoke