SDTV Jining News Channel 济宁广电 Line

Jining News Channel brief introduction

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Jining Jining a TV news channel JNTV-1 brand part of the screen shine, two brilliant and theater, in the morning "sound far-theater" in the afternoon "Jining Theater" drama is good drama, three sets Lianbo, to create Jining Grand theater positive energy platform main column "Jining News Network", "through counties", "Yan Hong interviews."         Jining Television been established in 1986, is the only cover local TV media Jining City, the whole territory, now Jining television Jining News Channel, Jining lifestyle channel (JTV-2), Jining Television Channel (JTV-3) Jining city channel (JTV-4), Jining party building channel 5 television channels and news broadcasts Jining (FM101.8), Jining traffic radio (FM10