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Shandong Qilu Channel brief introduction

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Qilu TV SDTV-2 (also known as Shandong Qilu TV channel) is January 1, 1995 launch of the comprehensive television channel, satellite (Qilu channels on the satellite did not just test in over 134 APSTAR VI), wireless, wired three kinds of communication covering seventeen cities in Shandong province and the province surrounding the city, broadcasting 24 hours a day, with more than 100 million of the huge audience. Qilu channel broadcast content including news, entertainment, film and television drama three plates, one of the news, and entertainment sector have achieved live.         Shandong TV Station was founded in October 1, 1960, is currently run by Shandong TV, Shandong Qilu TV channel, Shandong TV sports channel, Shandong TV television channel, Shandong Television Arts Channel Shandong TV Life